[CLOSED] GAR Discord ban appeal


Username: allroblox90
Discord: ALLROBLOX90 #5481
Discord Id: 5481
Ban reason: The reason I got banned, was because I was falsely accused of being below the age of 13 years old.


I think you guys should unban me from the GAR Discord server. My reason for being un-banned is, I was really sad when I found out I got banned from the GAR Discord because I really enjoyed the game while being in a GAR division, I also didn’t plan to quit the game any time soon. Most importantly, you guys should un-ban me because I am not under the age of 13. One more thing, I already did a Discord ban appeal but, it didn’t get approved because of a reply I made under my appeal, which wasn’t anything bad, it was just me replying “plz reply”. It must of sounded like a 7 year old wrote that, but I assure you I have no idea why I even typed that, I guess I was just bored because I didn’t get a reply in like 4 days. Thank you if anyone reads this, and I hope this appeal gets approved.

Hello there,

Thank you for taking your time to appeal,
I have decided that your appeal for an unban from the GAR Discord server has been denied.

It may be due to one or more of the following highlighted reasons:

  • The offense committed is too great to be appealed yet (Applies to DM-advertising, etc.)
  • Insincere appeal
  • Appeal was made in a non-serious manner
  • Failure to provide all information necessary (Usually incorrect Discord ID)

Appeal Status: Denied :no_entry: