[CLOSED] GAR Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( NoAimLoser6 )
Discord: ( rojic72#0159 )
Discord Id: ( 268371482730561536)
Ban reason: ( Posting NSFW in 7th chat )


I NoAimLoser6, truly am very sorry with my undisciplined and unmoral action. My reasons were as so, I was getting too excited and comfortable as we were having fun in VC which made me post the NSFW video by mistake without thinking twice. I did not mean to offend or make anyone feel uncomfortable as I genuinely thought it was funny. This action had showed that my actions will cost serious consequences and I promise to not to repeat the same mistake again. This will my first and last time offending this. Lastly, I would like to apologize and seek forgiveness from any members who were disturbed with what I sent. Please give my a second chance to prove myself and I will never do this again.


Already handled on previous appeal.