[CLOSED] GAR Discord Ban Appeal


Username: XXxFryteqqX
Discord: F5vxx#3966
Discord Id: 675418566249545728
Ban reason: ( Triggering Anti Cheat Durning CG Tryout )


Around the end of May, I was banned for “Triggering Anti Cheat During Coruscant Guard Tryout.” I got banned wrongly because I have never used things like cheats for roblox in my life.
I am very sorry for my ban, I would like to come back to this community. If I had to describe a situation that happened on the tryout, nobody would believe me, that’s why now I am writing here asking and begging for a chance.
I sincerely hope that you will trust me and I will get a chance from you to join back to this wonderful community.
Sincerely: XXxFryteqqX.


Thank you for your patience.

At this time, I have decided to deny your appeal for the GAR discord. This may be for one or more of the highlighted reasons,

  • Offenses committed are too severe for ban to be revoked
  • Invalid discord ID
  • Insincere appeal
  • Appeal did not provide enough information regarding the ban reason(s)

Status: Denied :no_entry: