[CLOSED] GAR Community Ban Appeal

Username: (Turnips_Power)
Ban reason: (Exploiting within a combat training)

( Describe why you think we should unban you )

I should be unbanned because I have learned that exploiting in general just ruins the experience for other players and for yourself too. Now that I am community banned I realize how this was just a horrible idea in the first place because now I can’t join the GAR group and do tryouts anymore. And I also learned that even if I did get away with exploiting during a CT, tryout, etc. I would still eventually be banned because you are able to check when scripts are injected into your game which is one of the reasons I stopped. Also I’m sure you watch a Roblox video on YouTube every once in a while and see a Youtuber who may be somewhat poplar and they are talking about how they hate exploiters so much which has happened to me. Roblox Youtubers that I really love and look up to have said how annoying people who exploit are which really hurt me because I had exploited not just in combat trainings but other games as well. I have been banned in a lot of other games just due to cheating in them and I have stopped because some of the games I have been banned in I have really liked and now I can’t play them anymore which makes me pretty mad. But basically the main reason I think I should be unbanned is due to the fact that I know now how exploiters ruin games and experiences for other people and GAR has always been in my like top 3 favorite Roblox games because I love how action packed and fun the game can get, not to mention all the teamwork and strategy needed when dealing with raiders. It can be so fun!

(I also haven’t injected a script into a game in I think about like 5 - 6 months)
(Not sure exactly how long but I think it’s somewhere around that amount)
(Thanks for reviewing)

Hey there.

You’ve been unbanned. Repeat this mistake and it won’t be appealable.

  • Axel