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[CLOSED] GAR Ban discord appeal Please and mod reply my ban appeal

Username: ( baconhair213235 )
Discord: ( epic#0924 )
Discord Id: ( <@689436539922546756> )
Ban reason: ( Nazism )

I got banned because nazism in the discord server chat I send this 卍 Symbol and I said I love [email protected] in the chat the reason I said that is I was joking yes I swear I was joking and I was gonna delete the symbol I sent and I love [email protected] please unbanned me and I promise this will not happen again never I love grand army and the soviet union and more proof for the banned reason Btw I don’t love [email protected] I love Soviet Union

(I won’t do that again I promise. )

Hi there,

You can’t come back from Nazism.

Status: DENIED :x: