[CLOSED] Game & Community Ban Mis-hap [2.0]

Username: w1ntxrs
Ban reason: “Scamming”


Hello, again. Recently, I made a mistake by not being very sincere within my appeal. This appeal will show more sincerity and will show me taking more responsibility for my actions.

Just before I begin, I would like to mention how everything that lead up to this point was my own mistake and I should’ve been more careful with my actions.


It all started when I discovered this upcoming clan named “The Holy Dominion Of Hanvahl”.
I noticed how it had potential and wanted to invest within it. Unfortunately, I did not have any robux.

So, I decided to go to the GAR discord and kindly ask if I may have any donations. (I did not spam this request, I asked it only to people who were interested.)

For the first week or so, people were keen to donate small amounts of robux, (around 10 robux), towards my cause.

In no shape or form did I begin to scam anyone, as everyone who pledged robux towards the cause was not forced, or lied to in anyway.

Although, I did make a mistake by promising I would “Suggest them for RC”.

For a small duration, I actually DID do this, before being told to stop it.

That was the end of that part.

I then got a few more donations before I was banned from GAR for supposedly scamming people.

This was not the case.

Although, I regress.

I would like to highlight that I now understand my actions were a deep mistake and there is a chance that I did seem very malicious during my acts.

I am not the type of person to scam ANYONE as I myself have been through situations like this in the past.

I truly regret my choices and I deeply and from the bottom of my heart, ask to be forgiven.

Perhaps I took it too far, perhaps I delivered my scheme the wrong way, and it caught the attention of the wrong people.

I 100% take responsibility for my actions and have concluded that everything that happened to me was my own reckoning, and not someone elses, like I originally stated in my first appeal.

I have decided to change the title of this appeal to show more respect towards the people in question, (who I will not name).

I truly realise that this was a huge mistake and I deeply apologise for the trouble it caused.

I cherish GAR too much nowadays to tarnish my reputation any further as it has already.

I am willing to also do quite a load of community work to compensate for the issues I caused with anyone.

I first joined GAR sometime around December 2019, and have truly grown up with as a game.

So to conclude, I truly am sorry. I didn’t mean for it to go so far.

Yours sincerely,

Hi there,

At this time, we will be denying your appeal as you are not being entirely honest with yourself and with us.

Status: Denied :x: