[CLOSED]Game & Community Ban Appeal (Exploiting)

Roblox Username: cokiabraham
Discord Username: Funny Clown Virus#3107

I apologies for using exploits in the game as I didn’t know and haven’t read the rules until yesterday and I hope you can give me a second chance so I can continue serving the Republic. I was only using harmless exploits like giving myself the flight ability or using God mode. I hope I can be unbanned in-game so I can continue ranking up to become a Specialist or a Sergeant. Please, I just want a second chance to serve again and hopefully make up for my mistake of exploiting. I promise it won’t happen again and I will continue playing the game the right way.

Hi there,

Exploiting is not just a rule designated for our community but for Roblox in general.

So I don’t believe you are being honest and forthright and genuine in your appeal.

For that reason your appeal will be denied and will stay denied.

Status: Denied :x: