[CLOSED] Game & Community Appeal


Username: AnonymousSanta_Claus
Ban reason: Cheating


I believe I should be given a second chance into the Grand Army of the Republic as I have comprehended the fact that cheating is bad for ROBLOX, and I myself am at risk by even doing it. I am extremely sorry for cheating on an official event, and this will not happen again.

Firstly, I believe you should unban me as I have stopped cheating in general, and I understand that doing it will get me permanently banned again without any appeal, being my last chance. I know that it is against ROBLOX and the games TOS/Rules. I have completely deleted any form of cheats or anything that will give me an advantage in-game.

Secondly, I believe I should be unbanned from the Grand Army of the Republic as I have learnt a very valuable lesson; this is to never break the rules as the consequences can be great. I have completely stopped cheating and my in-game usage will be used sincerely.

I understand if you refuse to unban me, however, I believe I deserve another chance. I did not think I would “get caught”. When I was caught, I knew what would happen and accepted it. This ban had happened around a month ago. I am extremely sorry for cheating in-game and ruining the experience of other players. Thank you for reading this appeal.


Hi there,

I will be denying your appeal today. You are free to make another appeal in the future.

Status: Denied :x:


May I know why my appeal was denied?