[CLOSED] Game and Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( zfcf1 )
Ban reason: ( False Ban )


I’ve played GAR for a long time and recently found out that I had been falsely banned. When I try to load into the game, it automatically kicks me out with a message that reads; "You are banned from the game with reason ‘Exploiting Client TP’. It says that I have been banned for 100 years. I have never exploited in GAR or any other game. I am not sure what Exploiting Client TP is. I am still in the group under the Staff Sergeant rank and I have spent about 11000 robux on the game. I would hate for all that money to go to waste especially because I wished for it for Christmas. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone would unban me and tell me what Exploiting Client TP is.
Thanks, zfcf1.

It means you exploited and cheated in the game. Be honest and your appeal just might be considered.