[CLOSED] Follow up | IncognitoSaint Ban Appeal


Username: ( IncognitoSaint )
Discord: ( gaige#5786 )
Discord Id: ( 455500535512956974 )
Ban reason: ( Sending a pornographic image )


It has been over 2 years now since this occurred, and I believe that I am ready to re-enter GAR as a well-behaved and kind member of the community. Back then, I was extremely hot headed and impulsive. After PhoenixBonds, a close IRL friend, was removed from his position, I lost my temper. I took my anger for him out on the people of GAR and I sent an explicit image. I have matured since then and I now know how terrible this was. The picture I sent could have easily been seen by young members of the server, putting them all at risk. I constantly regret my actions and I know just how terrible they were. I have changed a lot since them and I would never do something like this again. I know how extreme my actions were and that what I did put many people in uncomfortable positions, and for that I am extremely sorry. Over the two years that I have been banned from GAR, I have had time to rethink the way that I act and how my actions affect others. I have changed myself and no longer have impulses to post things like that for a quick laugh. I now make sure to consider how my actions may affect others before doing anything risky, and I will not do it if I realize that it may harm others. I sincerely apologize to those in the GAR community and hope that through this appeal I will be able to rejoin this community that I love so dearly. I had made many friends during my time with GAR and I hope that I might finally be able to reunite with them after such a long time being gone. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my appeal and I hope that this is adequate enough for my ban to be considered for removal.



You have been unbanned. Don’t let this happen again.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: