[CLOSED] Filipooo Appeal For Unban


Username: ( DarkNess )
Discord: ( 0077 )
Discord Id: ( 757577660309438594 )
Ban reason: ( Reason of the ban if known )


( I did it accidentally, I got banned about 5 months ago due to a dm advertisement, sent a dm to Kayd I GTM instead of one of my friends The server I accidentally invited him to was only for my close friends in the disagreement, his name was me and the boys, therefore i dont think i should get banned for dm ads as i sent it to anyone other than it by accident. I feel like I should be unbanned because it’s been over 5 months now and it was unintentional. I promise that next time before sending the server I will check who it is. )

Hi there,

I don’t see your history in the GAR server. Please provide me with your full Discord username and Roblox username.

Status: PENDING :hourglass:


Discord: DarkNess#0077


Sorry for Wrong Id

MikegamingYTW Anserv me pls

You’ve been unbanned. If this happens again, don’t think about ever returning to the GAR community.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: