[CLOSED] Falsely banned?


Username: Kingfrost202
Discord: floopwoop#6419
Discord Id: 818933139145228348
Ban reason: Attempted advertisement


I didn’t know that was a crime or law or something , all I know is a guy said to me and another guy that “If you need my help with anything just dm me.” and as always I took it jokingly and dm him a video of a girl speaking like siri. Moments after I got perma banned from GAR by HothOC ( No hate to the guy.) for “Attempted advertisement”. Idk how that is advertisement or how he was able to see our dm’s. I promise if I get unbanned I will be good.

Hello there,

I am currently finding out the reason of your ban, I’ll reply again when I know more.


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Hello there,

I think you have been mistaken, for you are not banned.

You are free to join and are clear of any charges. See you around!

Appeal status: Unfounded :x: