[CLOSED] False report, and to long of a ban ( 36hours)!

Reporter Username: (MrChip01)
Reported urser: ( toya_mobile)
Why: Fake report of RK
description: He has false reported me of RK as he Shot me and killed me 2 times, this is not RK and This is not ok that i have been Banned for 36 Hours and i need to be unbanned ASPA!
Link to false report: [CLOSED] Fake patrol and RK

notice you put this in the “reports” channel, the correct channel to place this in is #appeals , and please use less toxicity in your wording, as it feels as if you are demanding, and this may give a moderator a second opinion about you.

The individual who reported you provided sufficient evidence in their report which chearly showed that you Random Killed an immigrant. Therefore, you were punished properly. You were given a 1 day ban and a removal of 5 power points. You have not provided any evidence in your report. Therefore, this report will be denied since I am unable to deal with it properly.

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