[CLOSED] False IAD Discord Ban


Username: ( tigeroror )
Discord: ( tigerr#4664 )
Discord Id: ( 537251463269974016 )
Ban reason: ( IAD )


Okay so basically around october 2021 i got community banned from the gar discord server. The reason i got banned is because i had problems with another discord server (not gar related) and I admin abused a part of it which i’m not proud of. I got reported to gar for it and got banned by “ABDKW”. Personally, I think this was a false ban since the discord server had absolutely NOTHING to do with gar. if not, I am deeply sorry for my actions I did not know it would get me banned from gar and it was almost year ago I would never do anything like that now.

(idk if iad bans are appealable on forums i dmed rainy a while ago and he said to do it on forums)

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Hi there,

You were community banned for a different reason.

Status: Denied :x: