[CLOSED] False ban and unfair power rob

Username: ( axfor1117 )

Discord: axfor1117#9632

Ban reason: ( AFK Farming )

I got ban in February because i was playing over 2h36 of time. When i went for dinner, i forgot to close roblox. When i came back, i saw the message telling that i was banned for 1 year because i was afk farming. I was depressed. After one mounth, i retry to join the game and it worked. But the person who banned me made me lose 26 of power. I was at 36 or 37 of power and now im at 11. I promise i won’t AFK farming and, if you can, can you please give me the power back?

( I swear i didn’t AFK farming. I just sometime dont remember to leave the game. I’m willing to wait 1 year instead of losing power. )

Hi there,

As no proof of the instance is provided I am unable to assist you in your appeal.

Additionally, you are no longer banned so you are free to join the game whenever you want.

Status: Denied :x: