[CLOSED] Fake Training on full Coruscant server


Reporter username: coocacolaboy
Reported user: TigerVeal08, CYBORG1230987654 and surfer999grjc (Immigrant, I’m not sure that
I can report Immigrant for Fake Training but I did to be sure.)


I wanted to play Coruscant as always everyday on full server, I am spawning at FOB and I see Fake Training hosted by 2 Corporals and Immigrant


Hi there,

Thanks for your report. At the time, I have looked into the evidence provided and handled it accordingly. Everyone has been punished except for the immigrant.

Immigrants can’t be charged with hosting a fake training, I do strongly advice you to keep reporting such matters on the forums in the future.

Thanks again for your report, your reports are what make the game more enjoyable for everyone to play and experience.

Report status: Handled :white_check_mark:

See you around!