[CLOSED] Fake Patrol Being Hosted


Reporter username: CynicalMht
Reported user: TheGoatz300, jamesooww


I found a fake patrol on my server. I specifically wrote the first guy’s username because as you can see at the end of my recording he acts like he was never there in the first place but you can see him at the start of my recording, he even told me to join them saying they will let me lead. I also put jamesooww because he TK’d me which you also can see in the recording. I didn’t want to put other people’s names in the recording because they seemed confused and didn’t know what they were doing.


I was there, and started recording before you did, you have clear recording, which I wished I had. But anyways. I am warriormasterdeath and Ghost Company and its was difficult for me for what is going on, as it was a mess. I could’ve recorded it from the beginning when I spawn, I died before from a KOS member and saw this going on.

Hi there,

I have already punished these users in a previous report.

Thank you though.

Status: Denied :x: