[CLOSED] DM advertising without consent

DM advertising
Hockeybruinslover33 here,
I was inviting people to me and my friends server and i forgot to ask someone if you wanted to join before i sent it so they reported me for DM advertising. So i was banned from the GAR discord.
I think i should be unbanned because i didn’t know that asking for a persons consent is necessary for inviting people to you and your friends discord server and my perspective of DM advertising was way off, i am very sorry and I hope to get another chance. I thought i knew what DM advertising was but turns out i didn’t know ands thats what got me banned,I understand now and will not do it again.I will only Ask close friends into my server and ask other if they want to join before sending the invite ,I’m very active in the discord and attend GAR and Divisional events whenever i can so i hope i get unbanned to continue to join them and have fun.

Your appeal has been accepted.

Please note that there will not be a second appeal for DM advertising.

You may rejoin the Discord server at any time.

  • OfficerKiller, Moderator