[CLOSED] Discord Unban request appeal (DM advertising)


Username: ( AkazaShadowZoids )
Discord: (ShadowZoids#6920 )
Discord Id: ( 872861409673904208 )
Ban reason: ( I think i am DM advertising a HICOM in discord private chat 1 year+ ago)


( Dear sir, I really regret what I did at that time, because I didn’t see the rules clearly, I have re-examined, I hope you can give me one more chance to make up for my fault, I have been permanently banned for more than 1 year, I I’m really apologize to that HICOM that i DM advertised, i promise i won’t do it anymore that stupid mistake ever again.)

Discord ban appeal accepted :white_check_mark:

Feel free to join back the server. Don’t DM advertise again.