[CLOSED] Discord Unban Appeal


Username: Moolas Moorales#5961
Discord: #5961
Discord Id: 651911403653038111
Ban reason: Cant remember and cant get it back since I accidentally closed the GAR bot DM.


I was banned for false reasons, this was November 2021.
So, I was just playing the game, then I met Bulwarks.
Suddenly, he kicked me for the game for nothing, and pinged me on discord and banned me permanently.
That’s the story, but I also have to admit, me and Bulwarks didn’t get on a lot, and he quite hated me due to the fact I kept killing him (now I realized that was a mistake and now I regret it, and I am also extremely sorry.)

That’s all, I hope you accept this and unban me from the Discord.


I’ve already answered in the previous one so I am going to close this one.