[CLOSED] Discord Unban Appeal


Username: Moolas Moorales#5961
Discord: #5961
Discord Id: 651911403653038111
Ban reason: DM Advertising, Fake Ban


So all this started In November of 2021, and I was just playing the game. But then suddenly, I saw a officer, (Bulwarks) who just randomly kicked me for no reason, so I went to check the discord. He pinged me and p banned me. Then I check the warning, which was “DM Advertising” which I didn’t even do. Although, I should mention the fact that me and Bulwarks did not have a good past, and such as I would kill him. Which, I now understand was foolish of me, and I am very sorry for what I did and shall not do it or anything related to it again.


At this time, I have decided to deny your appeal for the GAR discord. This may be for one or more of the highlighted reasons:

  • Offenses committed are too severe for ban to be revoked
  • Invalid discord ID
  • Insincere appeal
  • Appeal did not provide enough information regarding the ban reason(s)

Status: Denied :no_entry: