[CLOSED] Discord Unban #2


Username: Elijah5O1
Discord: Elijah5O1#7399
Discord Id: Elijah5O1#7399
Ban reason: Accidently posting NSFW without knowing


In mid October of 2020 I was going to upload a file in #off-topic and it was going to be a funny clean meme. But I accidently chose the wrong file without knowing until I played it. Someone saw me delete it and thought that I had uploaded it intentionally. The person ended up pinging a mod telling them that I had posted NSFW and deleted it, resulting in the mod banning me from the GAR Discord server. Ever since then I have been banned for longer than I was supposed to be. I did not post it intentionally because when I was uploading the files on mobile the thumbnail of the actual meme and the NSFW one were identical showing a black screen. I thought that the first one was the safe one and I chose it. Until I re-watched I realized it was the wrong and I swiftly deleted it. However another user caught eye of this and then came the part where he accused it as intentional. I am not guilty of this as this was a big mistake that I did not mean to cause. GAR, I apologize for this mix up and I ask you to unban me from the main GAR discord server.

If you need to talk to me more, here is my Discord and Gmail:

Discord: Elijah5O1
Gmail: [email protected]

Hi there,

As NSFW is strictly prohibited on the GAR Discord and there’s absolutely no reason for why you should have NSFW saved on your device in the first place, I will be denying this appeal. You may add me on Discord at MikegamingYTW#0438 and send me the two videos that you accidentally confused and we can go from there.

Status: DENIED :x: