[CLOSED] Discord server unban request


Username: mahte
Discord: COP#0422
Discord Id: 619683855145762846
Ban reason: sexism and toxicity

I have been banned from the discord server due to a comment i made to a individual, “She should spend her time in the kitchen instead of playing games.” .

I have recognised my mistake and resent what I said greatly. I should’ve considered the fact that it could’ve easily offended the victim and it was awful of me to do. I didn’t sense it as an insult rather as a mere joke, however now i know I need to think before I press enter. I want to be a wholesome and caring person in the GAR community and i know now i that was not the way. I owe my heartfelt apologies to the person I discriminated against. I hope they find it in their heart to forgive me.

I have been in the GAR community for a while and its a big reason of why i am still on this platform due to the divisions. I would hate to see myself permanenty barred from being in the GAR community, so this would keep me on track from any more foolish and harmful behaviour to others as i now know the consequence.

Yours sincerely,



Your ban was issued too recent for me to unban you right now. Try appealing on a later date.

Status: Denied :no_entry: