[CLOSED] Discord Server Ban Appeal


Username: jomamaAAAPOWA
Discord: Negall#0715
Discord Id: 301005621812264961
Ban reason: Breaking TOS


I remembered how i had fun and stuff back at GAR. Heard that Viking got the ownership back, hope it’s true. And I think it’s been a while since i got banned. I was legit mad at stuff going on with GAR, so i thought it would be funny as hell and I typed in the hard R. My retarded ass thought it was funny and all. I realised what I’ve done. I wish you guys can understand that I am truely sorry about my actions. This won’t repeat itself, I won’t be doing reckless stuff like being racist because it’s “funny” even though it’s offensive.


Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, at this time and after reviewing your appeal, I have decided to deny your appeal. This may be for one or more of the highlighted reasons,

  • Offenses committed are too severe for the ban to be revoked.
  • Invalid discord ID
  • Insincere Appeal
  • Appeal did not provide enough information regarding the ban reason(s)

Status: Denied :no_entry: