[CLOSED] Discord Server Ban Appeal - #01


Username: Zanix
Discord: #9214
Discord Id: 979501571257819146
Ban reason: Advertisement/Possible Scamming

Description: Sir / Ma’am reading this. I have zero clue on how to appeal a ban upon the discord server of the main server but the person who banned me thought I was scamming but everyone same as me pretty much re-posted a bot’s scam message. I posted it but with no links at all and no way to be scammed off my message. I think the person who banned me maybe thought I posted a scam link included but I only posted the first few messages as I thought it was a funny scam bot. I hope you can help with my issue.

( Describe why you think we should unban you ): I feel my ban was unjustified, my actions were silly sure. Ban worthy? No. I know this sounds rude. But the man was just not really needed. Maybe a mute for the message? The message i posted beforehand I removed the scam part of the message in this case a simple link that grabs a victims details. I removed that link. and removed anything that could or do put someone in danger. I am sorry for my actions but frustrated aswell as that. Because I just passed the “327th Star Corp”. I did it perfectly. But at the end of the Tryout a requirement was to DM the host. But I coulden’t I explained to the host my situation. So I do hope I don’t stay banned I honestly Love this community alot. Thank you for your time, thank you for taking time out of your life to read my wasted long appeal that will get denied; But it is worth a try.

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.

Had a look at the message you sent before you were banned, seems like you did edit out the link when sending the message. However, it was Nostik that banned you so I will have to double-check with him if that was the reason why you were banned prior to accepting your appeal.

Please be reminded that you should never, ever joke around when it comes to scams as people are generally extremely sensitive over such issues. Either way, I hope this is a valuable lesson and I will let you know once he replies.


Thank you so much I do really appreciate it. Please do tell I’m I am extremely sorry and it won’t ever happen again.

Good to know. You have been unbanned, please make sure you never joke around with such topics.