[CLOSED] Discord Permanent Ban Appeal


Username: ( StrucidAlphaiseasy )
Discord: ( StrucidAlphaiseasy#0605 )
Ban reason: ( Saying I was underaged )


( I got banned for saying I was underaged, I am 13 years old and have been banned for about 1 month now, I would like to join the wonderful community again, even if I have consequences such as all Division Blacklist, I would still like to be notified by the events. Next time, I will learn to not describe personal info and not lie anymore, GAR is the best game that I have played in ROBLOX and would like to be let back in the discord. I used to be careless and I was new to discord. Recently I came back to GAR, and I want to talk with the community, have fun, attend Tryouts and Trainings, and I promise that if this appeal gets accepted, I will read the rules, and will always follow them.

Thank you for reading this,
StrucidAlphaiseasy )

Hi there,

Due to the fact that I do not have sufficient proof, nor have you provided sufficient proof that you are of age, I will not be unbanning you at this moment. This is the hard part of being banned for being underage: it’s incredibly hard to prove that you are of age.

If you have further questions please dm me at: MikegamingYTW#0438

Status: Denied