[CLOSED] Discord nitro scam


Username: ( GAMERJAHAT_FC )
Discord: ( GAMERJAHAT_FC#1258)
Discord Id: ( 63473812308782187 )
Ban reason: ( Nitro scam )


( Greetings I’m GAMERJAHAT_FC, I in here to say I want to apologize and I want to admit it was my fault. Already 2-3 month I get ban from GAR discord server and I regret because cracked game, not on protection virus and not do 2fa at my discord. My discord got hack cuz I do all of them and Idk why I’m so stupid because do that this my 2nd time get ban from GAR discord server, I ever say I try to not get ban again but I can’t do anything so I will accept if my appeal not get accept because I know my wrong doing is very serious.

Thank you because spent time to look at my appeal and sorry if I waste your time.
Sincere appeal from: GAMERJAHAT_FC )

Your appeal has been accepted, it says you’re not banned though.