[CLOSED] Discord GAR server unban


Username: ( Ryguyking1 )
Discord: ( Ryguyking1#7257 )
Discord Id: (869982186466603038 )
Ban reason: ( reason of ban is unknown )


( I have no idea why I got banned, and I think i should be Unbanned because I’m 104tH divisional and I’m still in the group of my division but not the GAR group. I feel like I might have gotten hacked but I changed my password and stuff so it’s all safe. Please unban me, thanks!)

Hi there,

You’re not banned. The only reason why you can’t access GAR on your current Discord is that GAR bans are IP bans. Therefore, if you have an alt account that was banned, you’re current account would also be banned.

Status: DENIED :x: