[CLOSED] Discord GAR ban appeal

Sorry about the last one forgot to put discord in it lol


Username: EndermanNathan1
Discord ign: Water#9176
Discord Id:963025459807924264
Ban reason: It was that long ago i forgot


Hello i am Nathan and here are some reasons why I should be unbanned .I think i should be unbanned because i have changed, i will no longer break any rules and i will also read all of the rules and understand them. I will also not spam in chat anymore and i want to hangout with the GAR community join public advents overall be a active member of the community an be a normal member.

Thank you for reading

Your Sincerely


Discord ban appeal accepted :white_check_mark:

You were banned for spamming NSFW. Be sure to make yourself wary of the possible punishments there can be when NSFW is involved. I hope you’re learned your less. Feel free to join back the Discord server via the game’s description.