[CLOSED] Discord DM Advertisement appeal


Username: KillerDissmiulation
Discord: KillerDissimulation#7349
Discord Id: 703864994063843399
Ban reason: DM Advertising.


To whom that may concern:
Greetings, I am KillerDisimulation. I was banned from the Discord Server for “DM advertising” a few years ago. I don’t remember everything that happened, but I do remember being banned for that one reason. I sincerely apologise for what happened, and I’d love to be given another chance in GAR. I promise that this will never happen again, and that I will strictly adhere to all of GAR’s rules and regulations.


Discord ban appeal accepted :white_check_mark:

It has been quite a while since your ban. Please familiarize yourself with the rules more.

Feel free to join back the Discord server via the game’s description.