[CLOSED] Discord bann apeal


Username: ( OXBurakXDLP )
Discord: ( Kaiser Vanix#0391 )
Ban reason: ( Addvertising )


( Well hello again. This is my second apeal. I got accepted in the first one. But i was not in the Roblox GAR group so i could not get appealed. Officerkiller accepted but i was too dumb to remember to join the Roblox group. So i wanna get appealed because i wanna join a division. I am very sorry for addvertising but i didn’t now to be honest. it would be nice if i get appealed because i am in the Roblox Group now. I just did it accidently. I just got banned once. It would be nice if you guy’s appeal this because i am very sorry! I hope you had a good christmas! )

Hi there,

Please include the proof that Officerkiller accepted your appeal last time.

Status: Pending


Here is the Proof! [CLOSED] Discord bann apeal

Unbanned. Don’t let this happen again.


Hello! Here is the Link for it.