[CLOSED] Discord Ban for DM Advertising


Username: warlockxe
Discord: warlock#1152
Discord ID: 485884311946395660
Ban reason: DM Advertising


Exactly 2 years ago, I had my first encounter with a “free robux” dm advertisement by one of my friends in a division. He was not that close of a friend, but he was an acquaintance who I somewhat trusted and talked to within my time in the division we were in. He dm’ed me an invite to a discord server in which you could get free robux if you invited a certain amount of people. Innocent and young at the time, I thought it was real, so I joined the server, and copied and pasted the invite to my recent dms I had. I did not care who I sent it to I just spammed it all across my dms, one of the worst mistakes I would soon to regret. GAR was fun, it was a place where I could train my aim and bring my passion of Star Wars into my favorite game Roblox.

Thinking about the action now, it was totally my fault and not the guy who first sent me the invite. If I had known better, this would’ve never happened, and I would’ve been able to participate in the GAR community and grow with it. I continue to stay careful and without these experiences, events, and consequences such as this ban, I might’ve never known how to treat communities with respect they deserve such as yours. I guess this is just a lesson to be learned and coming back after two years with all the knowledge I have obtained, I have grown to know what is and what will be right or wrong. This ban allowed me to learn what was wrong, and it only helped me become a better person in a community.

I hope you can forgive me for dm advertising about 20 people and I could see it from your perspective now, that the staff in this community are just doing their job in protecting the safety of the players. If you had let me slide without this ban, I never would have learned sooner. You were able to give me a consequence in which the mistake I have done will be learned and applied as future use to avoid if similar types of deceitful events came into my life. All that I have to say now is thank you for helping me wake up to see why I was punished. I would never have thought about this 2 years ago, and without your punishment, I have to say again you helped me learn how to do good.

This consequence also helped me outside of video games and into reality. It helped me to see the outside of things and the common sense of things. Thank you and I hope I can become a better person in your community and start having fun again. Here is some proof of how it happened. I wish I could say more but my brain really can’t think of other words but that this ban helped me in many ways. Thank you thank you!

All the best,


At this time, I have decided to unban you from the GAR discord server. To keep yourself from being banned, ensure that you’re following our community rules, Roblox & Discord ToS. Bypassing any of the listed rules could bring about serious repercussions, including an expulsion from the community.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: