[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: poisonserpent75 (now Pois_nsr)
Discord: Poisonsr#0075
Discord Id: 382046648387239938
Ban reason: N word (not hard r)


I was just talking as I would with friends, I did not mean to cause harm anyone with my language and I deeply apologize if I did. After I sent the message I deleted as I figured it may not be allowed in the discord, I was both unaware of the rule and punishment of using such language. I have lots of friends in 7th and GAR who can vouch that I would never try to cause harm with language and simply wanted to spar. I will improve my behaviour and language within GAR.

DM me if you have any questions and want to hear what I said, I check it more than the forums.

Hey there.

You were banned too recent for me to unban you. Try appealing on a later date and you may have a chance of getting unbanned.

Status: Denied :no_entry: