[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( StrucidAlphaiseasy )
Discord: ( DesktopFlyer_76#0605 )
Discord Id: ( 732283118781726773 )
Ban reason: ( Underage )


( It’s been 2 years since I was banned… I really miss the GAR community and events. I am a Staff Sergeant. I was banned 2 years ago for being underaged. I was 12 at the time… Now I am 14 years of age and I understand the reason of being over the age limit. I have took time to think of my actions and would love to be apart of this wonderful community once again.

Thanks for reading this,


You are not banned. If you have any further issues in attempt to rejoining the GAR server, DM me via discord (OptimallyAxel#4526).

Status: Unfounded :no_entry: