[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal

Data Slappy#5918

Discord: ( 5918 )
Discord Id: ( 562515752171864065 )
Ban reason: ( Harassment)

Description I was fighting this person on coruscant and I was winning so they went into my dms and kept saying “ez” “get good” “easy wins” etc so I said some stuff back to them and I guess they reported it to a mod and claimed that I was harassing them and spamming them even though they dmed me first talking smack (This happened like 6-7 months ago)

( Describe why you think we should unban you ) I believe I did nothing wrong and I was just defending myself, we also made up later and now we’re both chill with each other.


At this time, I have decided to unban you from the GAR discord server. To keep yourself from being banned, ensure that you’re following our community rules, Roblox & Discord ToS. Bypassing any of the listed rules could bring about serious repercussions, including an expulsion from the community.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: