[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal

Data 31/05

Username: ( energy_powwer )
Discord: ( energy_powwer#1493 )
Discord Id: ( 848953097510584411 )
Ban reason: ( Well to start in a coherent way I will speak in parts. Part 1: Well I was on the server when I write an entire letter in uppercase without meaning there as I had already repeated this mistake a few times over whatch banned me for “breaking the rules constantly”, after that I realized that the problem was not me anymore the “caps lock” button.
Part 2: These days I was on my server of disagreement when accounts with my nine appeared that claimed to be me, as soon as I saw this I contacted roblox and commented that those accounts were not me and that they were fakes, roblox asked for proofs and i gave them and the next day i received a message that the gar server had the same accounts making fake mine. (I could tell by the dated numbers of the name) then I believe they were banned, but I got kicked by the gar after that. I believe that those who did this lined up the people of my ez group of …, because a few days before I had committed treason and I had some info about them for interested people.


( I would like to have my banned revoked, as I already fixed the caps lock button and will pay more attention when writing messages.)


We here at the Moderation Team take the forums very seriously. That you don’t, is not of our concern. I am going to tell you for the last time that making another appeal will get your permissions from posting at all revoked. Countless appeals have been denied to your name, on top of that you also ban evaded. This is the last post I want to see of you, or serious measures will be taken to ensure you permanent removal from this section of the forums.

Have a great day.

  • Skyl_l