[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: powerfulglobe
Discord: L1ntsa#5289
Discord Id: 804665010953388052
Ban reason: DM spam and asking to be free ranked after being told to stop.


Hello! I got bans from gar discord server 11/01/2021 for dm spam pinging bulwarks. It was only meant to be a joke! I apologize what i did back then words can’t describe it. Back then i didn’t read rules and then this happened. I am ashamed of what I did and because of that I would be ready to start with a clean table and forget these things. This time I would read the rules carefully and behave! Today I am a responsible young person who can control himself i promise this. I’m here to fix this mess like a real man/boy! + i changed my discord name. Back then it was powerfulglobe#5289

Signed by: L1ntsa/powerfulglobe

Are you the one who watches these unban reguests?


At this time, I have decided to unban you from the GAR discord server. To keep yourself from being banned, ensure that you’re following our community rules, and Roblox & Discord ToS. Bypassing any of the listed rules could bring about serious repercussions, including an expulsion from the community.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: