[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal!


Username: ( Powerfulglobe )
Discord: ( L1ntsa#5289 (When i got ban it was Powerfulglobe19#5289 )
Discord Id: ( 804665010953388052 )
Ban reason: ( Pinging gar officer bul/bulwarks 10 times and asking to be free ranked)

Description: Hello! I got banned from gar discord server over year ago and i’am terrible sorry for my actions! over the year i thinked why did i do that, what was wrong with me. Sometimes i thinked it night too. One time i tried to ask sorry for bulwarks in dm’s but he blocked me then i felt how he felt and same time was so upset, I finally knew that i made mistake and i would do everything to fix it! This time i will read the rules closely that this will never happen again if i get unbans!

( I don’t know do i deserve to be unbanned (i really do) It was the first time i felt how someone else felt. We all have own life and we all are person no one wants to be pinged everytime. Sorry bulwarks!:frowning: )

Handled on other appeal.