[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( LegacyOfExile )
Discord: ( Keyto#0141 )
Discord Id: ( 993868313186803782 )
Ban reason: ( DM Advertising. )


I think I should be unbanned, because back then when I was DM advertising, I was young and immature. I’ve grown as a person, and I have decided that I wanted to be a part of GAR and follow the rules. I truly am sorry for DM advertising, and I won’t do it again. I hope you all can forgive me being so a rebellious kid back then and greet the new me with open arms. Rules are meant to followed, and I did not follow them at the time, but I’ve taken a year off of games and I want to join GAR again make a name for myself.

Hi there,

I appreciate your patience.

Considering you have already been banned for over a year, I believe you have suffered the consequences and learned your lesson. I have therefore decided to unban you under compassionate circumstances. Please spend a reasonable amount of time reading the Community Rules upon joining the server.

This will be your one and final chance and I sincerely hope that you will not be wasting it.