[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: ( Ghost41021 )
Discord: ( RGB#3031 )
Discord Id: ( 700816676962304121 )
Ban reason: ( Reason of the ban if known )


( i was banned from gar discord server for underage long ago now my age is officially 13 so i think i can join to server but unfortunately my country doesnt support idenity card verification so i have to send a shot from my idenity card reach me on discord for information )


At this time, I have decided to unban you from the GAR discord server. To keep yourself from being banned, ensure that you’re following our community rules, Roblox & Discord ToS. Bypassing any of the listed rules could bring about serious repercussions, including an expulsion from the community.

See ya around!

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: