[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal

Username: spiarailX
Discord: Madara Uchiha#8457
Discord Id: 60054118830
Ban reason: DM advertising.

I should be unbanned because it was a mistake and that it’s been over a year for my ban. Some backstory: I was messing around with some friend that had there only server, I decided to give an invite to another friend because he wanted to join. At that time his discord name was similar to Justin’s one so I accidentally given the invite to Justin instead of my friend. I wish to come back to GAR, and I am truly sorry for what I have done.

spiarailX. (Madara Uchiha#8457 if you want to contact)

Hi there,

If you are ever caught DM advertising again, you will be banned without a chance to ever appeal. Due to the fact that the rest of your history in GAR is relatively clean and you made a mistake, I will be unbanning you this time.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: