[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: Starlndustries
Discord: Darth Vader#2956
Discord Id: 602674114779676692
Ban reason: Nazism (It didn’t look racist or anything like that…)


Ok so, I posted a video and then a Moderator banned me and the video was just 3 people dancing. IT WAS NOT INAPPROPRIATE. Anyways, I hope that I get unbanned because I feel it was a bit unfair even though life is unfair. But I promise I will not send it again if it is inappropriate somehow. All I want is to be in a division and attend tryouts, and I want to help others and I promise on my life I will NEVER EVER post any video again because I never know if this could happen again. Thanks, I hope I get unbanned because this is my 2nd appeal about this. I just want to be in the discord again and be wanted, but every time I try I get kicked or banned for doing nothing really. I just want another chance again… So please unban me.

Hi there,

Please send me the video you posted as your appeal will be dependent on the contents of that video. I will also be checking myself to confirm what video you posted so if you are found to by lying, you will never be unbanned. You may send the video to my on Discord at MikegamingYTW#0438.

After further evaluation, and taking into account the fact that you did not know what you were posting, you shall be unbanned this time. Do not post what you don’t know in the future. If this happens again, you may not be unbanned.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark:


I have sent a friend request to you.

Resend it. I have not received it.