[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: SanFrancisco098

Discord: Exotic Butter#4226

Discord ID: 442772361570418698

Ban Reason: “Nword bypass and nazi symbols in the 41st Discord”


So a bit ago, I was banned for using Nazi symbols and an n word bypass in the 41st Discord server, behavior that, looking back on it, was just inexcusable. Although I was not partaking in any Nazi behavior nor attempting to promote it, that excuses nothing, I deeply apologize for my actions. I understand that what I did was wrong, and since I was banned, I have been personally revolted by my own actions, and know that even for a moment, at no point was it acceptable no matter the context. It may have been just one message but that message was highly inappropriate and extremely inconsiderate of anyone who still is impacted by the atrocities that the Nazi party committed in WWII. I sincerely apologize to you, I sincerely apologize to anyone forced to see my message, and I apologize for the time which I wasted and those I have offended or hurt. Regarding the n word bypass, despite the fact that there was context behind it and it wasn’t originally intended to be viewed as such, given that it was the username igorboss, who was discharging from 41st at the time of the message, and the letter N in parenthesis before the username, which was referring to his profile picture, which is the letter N in a circle, looking back I absolutely see how it can be viewed as a bypass and would once again like to apologize to anyone I may have offended. None of this is appropriate behavior and I am well aware of it, having taken this past month to look back and reflect on my actions, I promise that I have taken time to ensure that I have matured past this phase of reckless use of offensive language and imagery and I truly wish to rejoin this community, I understand if you are reluctant to let me back in, and if I need to serve more time I understand, I fully accept that if I ever revert back and take such insensitive actions I can’t be expected to be allowed to stay, so I hope you consider my appeal so I can return to this community better than ever.

Discord ban appeal denied :x:

What you have done can not be swept under the rug. I’m sorry to tell you but your actions have no chance of appeal.

Kindest regards, PastelxLxve