[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: Gaming_Blox360
Discord: Damen#4288
Discord Id: 718630165898592306
Ban reason: I was banned because I used the force on a 501st personnel while in the 501st morph, the person that I used the force on messaged me in the discord server and said “You just messed up.” which I then responded with “My man is angry he died in a lego game.”.


I would like to formally apologize for my actions in Coruscant, using the force on a 501st personnel (lethal or non-lethal) was wrong. I understand that now. I also understand how responding with raw emotion is most destructive in a militaristic environment. I should not have made the comments that I did in the communications server, I see that now.
I have been a member of GAR for over 2 years now and I hope to continue being one. GAR is a very special community and one that I hold very dear to my heart. It felt just like yesterday that force powers had been released and were the new craze of the game.
All I ask of you is to acknowledge that we all have bad days, and unfortunately April 25th, 2022 was my bad day. I will not make excuses for what I did in-game nor on the communications server, but I will say, from the bottom of my heart, I am deeply sorry.

To whoever banned me from the server, you have my eternal thanks for not removing me from GAR or banning me permanently from Coruscant.

Regarding my ban from GAR communications, I would like to ask for forgiveness. My past comments are not indicative of my true character. What I did was a big mistake and one that I do not intend to make again.

I only ask for a second chance, so that I may prove that this immature behavior is behind me.

-With kind regards,
Reformed Staff Sergeant Gaming_Blox360

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, after reviewing your appeal and taking into consideration all aspects and relevant information, I have decided to accept your appeal.

Please do note, any future violations of the community guidelines set forth by GAR, ROBLOX, or even discord, will result in your swift removal from the community with no chance of appeal.

Feel free to rejoin the discord and roblox group if you have not already.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:

See you around and stay out of trouble!