[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: MrCookieMonster12475
Discord: Cookiee#2062
Discord Id: 795058884468670516
Ban reason: Fake Nitro Link


My Gmail got hacked and I couldn’t do anything as when it happened I was at school, when I came back around 4 pm and came on Discord, I saw over 100 dm’s opened, recieved from people… The person that hacked in went into every server and sent the link and I got perm banned from most of the servers. I really hope I can get unbanned as I would love to come back to 327th, thank you for reading, hope you understand.


It appears that you are no longer banned. If you are still having an issue with trying to gain access to the server, please DM me via discord; (OptimallyAxel#4526) is my tag.

Status: Unfounded :no_entry: