[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Juankylol09
Discord Username: Juankylol09#3191
Discord ID: 762779608449155122
Ban reason: Lots of warnings because of spamming and using capital letters.

It’s been a month since I’ve been banned from GAR Discord server. Some of those reasons were spamming and using capital letters. I have learned that spamming is bad If you spam you get warned and when you do that multiple times you get banned. I promise that I won’t spam again and now that I know what are the consecuences I will be more careful about it. I’ve also learned that using capital letters is bad. I promise that I won’t use capital letters again but I will use them only for grammar reasons. I hope you consider this.


Discord ban appeal accepted :white_check_mark:

Please familiarize yourself more with the rules. Feel free to join back the Discord server via the game’s description.