[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: Minxtys_bq
Discord: xz#4782
Ban reason: DM Advertisement

Greetings, My name is Minxtys_bq, my old name was ShadowMax79. I have been framed for “DM advertising” which was never done. I do have clear proof which my friend has shown to “Nostik”. What happened was, my friend asked me for a server invite to a discord server I made, so I gave him it. After that, my friend sent a screen shot to the discord server that I sent him, to “EDcool” which then ED then said that I sent him that discord server, but it was my friends screen shot, I never DM advertised EDcool at all. EDcool framed me from that screen shot saying that I DMed him it, when it was the screen shot my friend gave to ED. I’m not sure why this happened, and it is very unfair, and it is quite corrupted. Especially as the screen shot was not good evidence of any DM advertising to him anyways. Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Minxtys_bq

(If you would like any more proof, please DM me)


Based on the fact that I am unaware of your side of the story, please contact my Discord, Shehssan#4825, and I will try to sort this out for you.

Status: Pending :link:


Greetings once again,

I have had a look at the evidence and have decided to unban you from the GAR Discord. Please refrain from even sending Discord invites to people who are not completely your friend.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: