[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Juankylol09
Discord: Juankylol09#3191
Discord Id: 762779608449155122
Ban reason: Automod banned for spamming and using capital letters.

The reason of why I got banned was for spamming and using capital letters, I still remember how I got banned. Spamming: I spammed my friends discord id for fun but then I realized that you could get banned for that but it was too late since I was about to get banned that day. I swear I know the rules and I won’t spam again and I know what are the consecuences. Using Capital letters: I used to say dumb stuff with capital letters on and I got timed out for that like 4 to 5 times. I know using Capital letters is against GAR discord server rules, I didn’t knew that you could get banned for that and I’m really sorry I apologize for what I did. I won’t use capital letters again because now I’m aware of the consecuences. I hope you consider this. I have been banned for 2 weeks.
Thanks for reading this.
Regards, Juankylol09

Discord ban appeal denied :x:

Serve your two weeks, it won’t be long before you’re unbanned.