[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: ( gamingmaster_48)
Discord: ( masterofgames#5879 )
Ban reason: ( Banned for breaking too many Discord rules. and too many warnings. )


( My 1st ban was for using to many capitals 2nd ban was for calling someone gay a few months ago which lead to my blacklist of 501st and ban from the gar discord, 3rd time was because broke to many rules/too many warnings. I know i’ve had way to many warnings and chances in the past and this is my last chance before the ban is unappealible I can be real silly and stupid at times but and i want a chance to redeem my self I am sorry for what i did.)

Yours truly gamingmaster_48
Note: Just changed my name from mrtrollingbaconhair to gamingmaster_48)

Appeal accepted.