[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: ( HowToSpeakRussian )
Discord: ( Emyz. #5588 )
Discord Id: ( 870525882341683200 )
Ban reason: ( Alting )

was playing this game a year ago at my first account ( MalaysiaPles ) and then i make a second account ( HowToSpeakRussian ). The first account was permanently banned by Roblox but its never got banned by GAR. After I make the second account, I wanted to push back the old account rank (sergent). I never got GAR permanently banned at my first account. people misunderstand me that i was alting but i just do a new Roblox account because my old account was permanently banned by Roblox. I got banned from GAR Discord group and 7th Sky Corps group.

( Because i did nothing wrong. people just misunderstand me. )

You need to include your Discord ID.

You seem to have added it, that’s good.

Prove was provided of you admitting of using a Alt. If you want to provide prove of your other account being banned from Roblox, and the reasoning of it being banned feel free to contact me via DM. - exucuteF